Alan David Gould

Physical Mechanics Of The Violin

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An excerpt from an essay concerning the physical, psychological and spiritual mechanics surrounding the science and art of playing the violin . .

It is the periodic assimilation and conquest of basic mechanical skills which defines the individual’s ascent up and over the hurdles which confront us all. These hurdles are really just a metaphor for life.  In order to succeed at making music, (or living successful lives) we must inevitably develop and hone these skills.  We must learn patience, perception, stamina, ear training, body language...and we refine these qualities and improve upon them as we practice.

Music is an organic resource.  Our world vibrates with rhythm and melodious interface.  At any point, we can tap into this ever-present resource;  it waits for us perpetually and  perpetually opens to us as we develop the comprehensive intelligence to use it.  The capacity to make music is always with us although we struggle at times to utilize it.  It may be said that the art of music is a role model for the universe in general, and, naturally, its universal laws.  The most common stumbling block in our effort to master a musical instrument is the proportionate lack of awareness of this model for life and music…In order to curtail the expansive tendency of the artist which resides perpetually within all of us, we convince ourselves that we simply cannot move forward.  We stop the natural ebb and flow of what we might conceivably create if we were just to allow the process to happen quite naturally. 

Each individual is ultimately capable of realizing his or her potential.  Unfortunately, our apprehension about the unknown and our fear of failure limit us on our voyage.  This essay will discuss workable ways to confront our apprehensions and move forward into our personal artistry.

© 2002 Alan David Gould 

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