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Record your demo or project with Pro Tools 10 or record direct-to-disc. Mix and Master in Pro Tools or Sony Sound Forge, or there is the option to do an anolog mix to a Mackie 24/8 board with an outboard compressor/limiter, EQ and effects. Live Drums along with several drum machines, a large variety of percussion, electric bass and a 2500XS Kurzweil Synth, the corresponding Kurzweil Micro Piano and a Roland synth Module are all available with Sibelius, Vienna Symphonic Library, Miroslav Philharmonik and Kontakt plug ins. There are a variety of acoustic string instruments available for tracks. (See my home page for the list of instruments I play.)  I am always happy to give production advice.  Daily block rates are available, though weekday evenings work best.

Contact me for rates and more details regarding your specific project requirements. 


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